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Enjoy up to a 5% discount on clothing, entertainment, and food categories!*
Enjoy up to a 3% discount on health, other, shopping, and travel categories!*

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Delivery Delay?

Delivery is normally between 15 minutes and 12 hours from order confirmation during our operating hours. During off hours expect delivery between 12 and 24 hours from when the order is placed.


How is BTC for Gifts different than other gift card websites?

There are two common types of gift card websites. One may get a small discount directly from the gift card issuer and pass a portion of that on, the other buys and resells gift cards. The latter puts the customer at great risk, so we never resell any gift cards. Instead we use cryptocurrency to leverage the price in your favor by giving you up to the entire USD purchase discount or more!


Want to earn some bitcoin?

We have a very generous affiliate program. Currently we are paying 1% to our affiliates on all purchases. Sign up here.

*The following gift cards are excluded from discounts at this time:
Google Play